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Main Digital Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 3 min read
Main Digital Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know


A marketer is a profession in which in no case can you keep up with trends. On the contrary, you must always be one step ahead and feel the emergence of new trends ahead of time. This will help you create effective campaigns built on the latest business tools and algorithms. You can also use small business CRM software to effectively manage your team and increase productivity.

Let's take a look at 7 trending digital marketing trends.

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Due to the pandemic, the mаrketing budgets of companies around the world have dropped significantly to 6.4%, compared with 11% last year, which has led to the need to find new methods that will help withstand this struggle.

The changes affected all areas of business, but due to the availability of artificial intelligence, voice search, and other new technologies, there is a chance to cope with the crisis.

№1. Artificial intelligence

Already today, the bulk of social media content is being customized thanks to Custom software development and artificial intelligence (AI). Its use is relevant for any area of ​​business, and in the near future, it will become the main technology in all aspects of life.

AI works by exploring a huge stream of patterns and information on a single topic, which greatly complicates its algorithm. But he is able to find the most popular methods, which makes the work easier. This is what Google relies on to provide the best answer to users and keep SEO consultants on their toes.

Today there is artificial intelligence that writes content itself.

Incorporate AI into your marketing campaign for a cost-effective digital content management tool.

№2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality combines both real and virtual worlds that are capable of interacting in real time. That is, the reality is improved thanks to accurate 3D visualization. Companies are increasingly using AR in their marketing campaigns, which has led to its significant market dominance for VR.

Some clothing and footwear brands already allow their customers to try on an outfit from the comfort of their homes. By incorporating technology into company applications, you can improve user experience and increase sales.

According to research by Review42, 31% of smartphone users use voice search at least once a week, 55% of teens use it every day. The data is not only impressive but also prophetic, because it is the new generation of teenagers who set the main trends of the future.

People love easy-to-use voice search, as demonstrated by the high demand for smart speakers and their very use in gadgets. Incorporate technology into applications and websites, and in return, get more interest in the product from customers.

№4. Program advertising

Programmatic buying of advertising eliminates the need for constant negotiations, entering proposals, and endless edits. In contrast to the traditional ones, the human factor in the advertising system fades into the background.

Program advertising (Image Source)

AI-powered software finds the perfect templates for targeted audience impact. It not only increases conversion but also reduces the cost per attracted customer.

№5. Hyperlocal Marketing

The targeted impact of advertising on a customer who is just walking next to your store can be an excellent excuse for him to come in and evaluate a new collection. Yes, the hyper locality is a reality that allows you to personalize ads even more and give people only what is relevant to them. Use the local marketing setting now, because this will reduce the cost of attracting customers by narrowing the circle of people interested in your product.

By combining hyperlocal marketing and the Internet of Things, you can even send a message to a customer that he’s out of milk the moment he passes next to your store.

№6. Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is focused on increasing the number of customer touchpoints through multiple ways of presenting a brand across different platforms. With the help of AI technology and analysis of large amounts of data, your company will be able to understand which of your products is more relevant to the consumer.

№7. Personalized remarketing

Personalized remarketing allows you to track customer behavior and offer them what they want. This is a targeted method of influence that reduces the cost of finding new customers and increases the loyalty of regular customers. You can even track which type of advertising is convenient for the client and offer him only that.


Today we looked at 7 digital marketing trends that can improve customer loyalty, user experience, and sales. Use each of them and stay tuned to keep abreast of new trends that are constantly updated and become more customer-centric.

Build a clear roadmap for one tool and add each one incrementally to succeed in your niche market.

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