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Practice and Improve Your Websites SEO

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Practice and Improve Your Websites SEO


After the boom in the eCommerce sector, SEO has become more crucial for almost every kind of business. It helps companies stand out in the competition, generate more leads, and boost conversions.

Due to the wide range of benefits that SEO offers, it is widely preferred by most marketers and business owners.

Here are some stats that indicate the importance of SEO in the digital world.

Some Stats About SEO

  • More than 60% of marketers and business owners prioritize SEO over anything else.
  • Around 70% believe that SEO provides better results than PPC and other marketing strategies.
  • A study by Search Engine Journal also claimed that about half of marketers believe that SEO provides much better ROI than any other marketing channel or technique.

Tips for Newbies in the SEO Business

These stats demonstrate that SEO’s boom isn’t temporary. It will grow with time. That’s why many people choose SEO as a career field. If you are also among them, this article has some practical and valuable tips.

Let's learn from them!

1. Find and Utilize the Valuable Keywords

Keywords are the combination of different words that people use whenever they search for anything on Google or any other search engine. The keywords work as a bridge between the website owners and their targeted audience. It is the keyword selection that determines which kind of traffic you get. That’s why it is essential to choose the keywords wisely. Otherwise, you may drive a lot of traffic to a website, but most of them will bounce back within a few seconds. To execute this process swiftly, you can rely on the following tools:

Keyword Position Tool

A keyword position tool can help you know where you rank on SERPs over your selected keywords. Moreover, a keyword position checker can also assist you in knowing the search volume and number of search results. Finally, you can also use these tools to compare your positioning with your competitors. That’s how you can discover whether you should go with a specific keyword or not as an SEO professional.

Long-Tail Keyword Generator

A long-tail keyword generator is quite helpful for new websites. When working on a new project, you should avoid short-tail keywords with a lot of search volume and competition. Using those keywords can only provide benefits once you create thousands of backlinks and improve the domain authority.

Ranking long-tail keywords with lower competition are easy, and you can show instant results to your clients. That’s how you can win their trust and buy some time to work on short-tail keywords. Ultimately, you will be able to rank other keywords as well. You can use a long-tail keyword generator to find long-tail keywords with less competition. It will show you tons of results, from which you can select the keywords that are more relevant to the website.

2. Write High Quality and Unique Content

With the help of PPC, SEO techniques, and social media marketing, people can bring a lot of visitors to websites. But what will happen if the content published on the website isn’t attractive, unique, and engaging? Visitors won’t take any action and close the website. That’s why most SEO experts and digital marketers value content more than anything else.

The tools mentioned below are related to content. They can help you make your content unique and engaging. So let’s know how they can do the magic!

Plagiarism Checker

Lastly, you should use a plagiarism detector to locate instances of plagiarism. Plagiarised content works like poison for websites. They usually get websites blocked by search engines. Every writer or SEO expert must check plagiarism before uploading any content. Multiple free plagiarism checker facilities can perfectly detect plagiarism in the text and highlight it, use any one of them and publish the content after getting a green signal from them.

Article Rewriter

When writing informative and high-quality content becomes difficult, you can use a paraphrase tool to change the content structure and tone and make it unique. Moreover, an article rewriter can also improve already written articles and make them more impressive in terms of quality.

3. Optimize Speed

Beginners usually believe that SEO is about selecting and placing the right keywords. However, there are many other factors that SEO beginners need to consider. The most important among them is the loading speed. All your effort and time will go in vain if you don’t optimize the website’s speed. Hence, it can help if you optimise the website speed to enjoy a better ranking over search engines.

The best way to optimise speed is to minimize the burden on the website. For that purpose, you can use two different tools mentioned below;

Image Compressor

Images are an integral part of almost every kind of website. But, unfortunately, they take up more space than any other kind of data. That space can gradually start affecting the website’s speed. Ultimately, those websites will take more time to load. To avoid or resolve the issue, you must reduce image size using an online image compressor before uploading it. That’s how you can ensure that the data stored on the hosting server is up to the minimum.

Video to GIF Converter

If uploading moving images or videos is essential, you should also reduce their sizes. For that purpose, you can convert your videos to gifs. Gifs can also communicate the message in the same manner without putting a lot of burden on your hosting servers, and this can easily be done using a video to GIF converter.

4. Analyse Website’s Authority

Besides optimizing speed, you also need to learn how much work is required to reach the top of search engines' first page. Moreover, you also need to find out where your competitors stand on SERPs. Eventually, you can create a strategic plan to help you get the top ranking in the least time possible.

Here are two of the most valuable tools to help you check a website’s authority.

If you are working on an already established website with many backlinks, you should check and analyze the number of backlinks, referring domains, IPs, and URLs. Moreover, it can help if you also research the competitors’ backlinks. It can assist you in creating a solid backlink plan that can help you get more referral traffic and improve your SEO score. Consequently, you can improve a website’s ranking over various search engines. Therefore, you should use a backlink checker to get your hands on all the required data regarding backlinks.

Domain Authority Checker

After analyzing the backlinks and referring domains, IPs, and URLs, you should move on to the domain authority (DA). DA is a score provided by Moz that predicts the chances of a website getting a good ranking over SERPs. As an SEO expert, you should use a domain authority checker to know about the DA of the websites so that you can consider it while creating a strategic plan.

To Conclude

Ranking a website isn’t a piece of cake. To become an SEO expert, you must enlighten yourself with various things about bringing a website to the top of SERPs. Moreover, you also need to know which tools are the best for every task. Once you have acquired the required knowledge, you can make your name in the SEO world and drive frequent visitors to any website.

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