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The 64 Best Email Marketing Statistics for 2023

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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The 64 Best Email Marketing Statistics for 2023


Email marketing is one of the main selling avenues that businesses use. Nearly every eCommerce business and many other businesses send out emails regularly to attract sales from customers who regularly purchase, have purchased in the past, or have indicated in the past that they’re willing to buy from the brand. But to make the most of email marketing, you need to know the key statistics for the digital marketing pathway. So here are the best statistics you need to know.

General Email Marketing Statistics

Here are some of the most generic statistics you need to know about email marketing. These are the basic statistics to know before you start thinking about your first campaign.

1. There were four billion email users in 2020.

2. By 2025, it is expected that there will be 4.6 billion email users.

3. In 2020, there were 306.4 billion emails sent and delivered.

4. By 2025, the number of emails sent and received is expected to be 376.4 billion.

5. After social media marketing, email marketing is considered the best medium to build brand awareness by small business owners.

6. Nearly half of the experienced marketers (47%) believe email is the best marketing channel. Social media is considered the second best (39%), and SEO and content marketing are joint third (33%).

7. Gmail is the most popular email platform in the world, with more than 1.8 billion monthly users.

8. About half (49%) of consumers like to receive a weekly promotional email from the brands they follow and are loyal to.

9. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of millennials prefer to use email for professional communications.

Content and Subject Line Statistics

The main proportion of your time on email marketing will be in writing good copy. Whether that is the subject line to grab the attention of the reader or the copy to convert them, it is important to read these statistics to help you craft the best content for your next campaign.

10. The average number of email characters used in subject lines is 43.85.

11. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, you can improve your email’s open rate by 19% and the email’s click-through rate by 65%. You can improve the usability of your emails using the UX design process when creating them.

12. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line can reduce the email subscriber churn rate by 26%.

13. Embedding a video within your email content will increase the email’s click rate by 300%.

14. While emojis are believed to improve open rates, only 6.9% of subject lines include them.

15. Emails that end with ‘Thanks in advance’ or something similar, will receive more responses than other sign-offs.

16. 75% of email sign-offs include contact information.

17. 60% of email sign-offs include a phone number.

18. Only 7% of brands include Twitter details.

19. Only 3% of brands include Facebook details on their email sign-offs.

20. Only 2% of brands include LinkedIn details on their email sign-offs.

Email Open Rates and Click-Through Statistics

While getting emails into inboxes is important, it is vital that you are getting your emails read. Two statistics are important for this, one is the open rate, and the other is the click-through rate. There are so many different factors that can affect these statistics on your campaigns. What are these?

21. The average open rate for an email is 21.33%, regardless of the industry and niche.

22. According to the analysis of emails sent, Friday has the highest open rate (18.9%) and click-through rate (2.7%).

23. Brands with Government or Non-profit connections get the best open rates.

24. Plain-text emails will perform better, even if the audience has requested that the emails are sent image-laden HTML emails.

25. Nearly two-thirds of consumers (63%) admit they open an email to find discounts.

26. The email with the highest open rate is the welcome email (91.43%).

27. Welcome emails also have the highest click-through rate (25.9%)

28. The average click-to-open rate for every niche is 14.1%

Email Deliverability Statistics

Email Deliverability Statistics

Email deliverability is not what a lot of new business owners consider important. However, it is critical for success with email. Email deliverability is how many emails make it into the inbox of subscribers. Getting low deliverability can get your marketing campaigns scrubbed as you get listed as spam. Therefore, ensuring best practices is vital for success.

29. Deliverability issues mean that 11.1% of emails will never reach the inbox of subscribers.

30. 47.3% of total email traffic in September 2020 was considered to be spam emails.

31. The average unsubscribe rate was 0.2% in 2019.

Return on Investment for Email Marketing

Email marketing wouldn’t be as popular as you would think if it wasn’t for being a great way to earn revenue. But so many brands don’t realize how successful it can be. Here are the statistics to show why it should be utilized based on how much money it can make for small businesses.

32. For every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, a small business can earn between $38 and $44 in revenue.

33. 70% of marketing professionals monitor their campaign’s click-through rate to determine a campaign’s success.

34. 60% of marketing professionals monitor their campaign’s conversion rate to determine the success of the campaign.

35. Automated emails will improve revenues by 320% compared to non-automated emails.

36. Email marketing can improve the average cart values by 138%.

37. Less than a third of brands (30%) believe that you can accurately measure the email marketing return on investment.

Automation for Email Statistics

Automation has several benefits including saving time for other activities. However, statistics show that the practice can have another group of benefits that can help performance, revenues, and businesses achieve other goals.

38. More than half (51%) of businesses use automation to improve the marketing process of their brand.

39. Trigger-based emails, or transactional emails, will outperform batch and nurture emails by three to one.

40. Transactional or trigger emails improve open rates by 70.5% and click-through rates by 152%.

41. 30% of small business owners believe that email automation saves them time.

42. 22% of small business owners believe that email automation helps them generate more leads.

43. Only 17% of business owners think that revenues will improve with email automation.

Personalization and Segmentation for Email Marketing

Over the past few years, there has been a lot made out of email marketing segmentation and personalization. While there are experts who state this is important, do the statistics back up the claims that this is the best way to improve your brand’s email marketing campaigns?

44. Personalized email subject lines can improve open rates by 26%.

45. Segmenting email campaigns will improve revenues by 760%.

46. Segmenting email campaigns will improve clicks by 100.95%.

47. By properly targeting audiences, email campaigns can generate three times the revenue.

48. Nearly three-quarters of marketers state that personalization increases engagement on campaigns.

Selling to Businesses Through Email

Those who are in the B2B industry can often think that emails aren’t as useful. However, statistics often show that B2B email campaigns can be full of opportunities. One must conduct Swot Analysis to understand any marketing program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for their business. Here are the statistics for you to consider.

49. 85% of organizations that sell directly to businesses will use software to help with content distribution. Outsourced software development teams can help these organizations to build and maintain custom software solutions for content distribution, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and provide better services to their clients.

50. Nearly all (93%) of B2B marketers distribute content through email marketing channels.

51. Email marketing open rates for B2Bs are about 15.1%.

52. About a third of marketers (31%) believe that email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads.

53. The bounce rate for B2B emails is about 1.2%

Selling Direct to Consumers Through Email

Most people think of consumer products and services for email marketing. And if it wasn’t for emails, eCommerce wouldn’t be as strong as it is today. So here are some of the key statistics that you need to know.

54. About 72% of B2C businesses will send emails with the help of software, which can improve their email campaigns and lead to higher customer satisfaction.

55. About 72% of B2C businesses will send emails with the help of software.

56. About 59% of consumers are influenced by the content within marketing emails.

57. Abandoned cart emails have a high open rate (45%) and click-through rate (21%).

58. Half of those who click through on an abandoned cart email complete a purchase.

59. 81% of marketers think email marketing helps with customer acquisition.

60. 80% of marketing professionals think email is perfect for customer retention, no matter how valuable the customer is. The customer lifetime value formula is customer value multiplied by the average customer lifespan. Customer lifetime value is the total revenue you as an e-commerce business earn from a customer over time. The customer lifetime value is the profit or the value a customer can bring to an enterprise over the course of their entire relationship with the business.

Email Marketing and Mobile

Mobiles are being used more by consumers to read emails. However, is there success for mobile email marketing?

61. 56% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

62. 29% of emails are opened on an Apple iPhone.

63. 27% of emails are opened via Gmail on a mobile device.

64. Just under half (42.3%) of consumers will delete an email when they’re not optimized for mobile devices.


Email marketing is one of the best ways that you can market your business, whether you are a B2B or B2C business. Using the statistics above you can make improvements to your brand.

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