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The Best Productivity Tips for SEO Content Writers

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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The Best Productivity Tips for SEO Content Writers


Have you ever thought about how you can have a great life and work balance? You can find the answer in our article.

Nowadays, content writers can earn enough money to live their best life and, at the same time, enjoy the flexibility of remote work.

Here you can find several tips for becoming more productive and having a better life and work balance.

Prepare for being productive

Remote Work For Content Writers

For content writers, it is beneficial to work remotely; this way, they can become more productive. And according to the Forbes article, remote work also boosts businesses' productivity.

You can start browsing Upwork and Fiverr to find opportunities for freelance work. Working as a freelancer gives flexibility for better productivity.

Make Money Without Harming Your Mental Health

Commuting is a red flag for mental health. People spend hours on the way to their workplace, and the tension of getting late is a source of stress.

The National Library of Medicine published research concerning the impact of commuting on the health and safety of workers. The study, carried out among 1167 Italian industrial workers, shows that "commuters" (workers whose journey from home to work usually does not take less than 45 min in each direction) experienced a more stressed lifestyle than did "non-commuters."

Remote work prevents you from commuting stress, and you can use the commuting time for self-care and meditation. A stress-free lifestyle leads to better time management and healthier work and life balance. Nowadays gig economy has become more popular, and there are many gig economy apps for couriers, cooks, and drivers. And as an SEO content writer, you should guarantee that you can always find remote positions in these businesses.

Also, if you have a more flexible work schedule, you can invest in your hobbies if you have more free time. Many content writers create creative photo books. If you are interested in traveling, you can make lovely photo books with your travel photos and fun activities.

Lunchtime Savings Let You To Focus On Target Costs

Have you ever noticed how much money you spend at lunchtime in the office? And still, you need the healthiest options in the cafeteria.

Remote work allows you to eat your meals at home or anywhere that is convenient for you. You have a variety of choices for food and better chances of saving money.

To track your money, you can use online tools; as a content writer, you need to be aware of your financial management. You can save more money and energy as soon as you understand how to maintain your financial insights and have better money tracking.

Remote workers spend their money on entertainment and leisure. In contrast, office workers spend money daily on transformation, fuel, lunch, and coffee, which means that remote workers have higher chances to focus on their target costs and save money.

Workation and Flexibility to Work At Your Own Pace

Workation and Flexibility to Work At Your Own Pace

Remote workers have an opportunity to work and travel, and we call it workation. As remote working allows you to work from anywhere you want, you can travel regularly and have flexible working schedules.

Book your trips, take on new tasks and go to the airport. The great news is you can have several short breaks during the day. Imagine having a walking break next to the Eiffel Tower. You do not need to imagine anymore; switch to remote working, and it will become your reality.

However, if you have a physical office, you can use HeySurvey and create a questionnaire for your co-workers. If any of them will feel more productive during workation, then you can implement traveling together as a part of team building. As soon as you are creative, more doors will open for you.

Pick a WorkPlace for a Healthy Environment

We have already discussed in the article that remote work can help you to have higher productivity and better life and work balance. However, if you pick a workplace with a healthy environment and collaborative team, you can enjoy it better.

If the company knows how to do employee service awards to honor hard-working employees and successful team members, it shows that you can be a team player in the workplace.

You might not notice from the beginning, but employee appreciation gifts are essential for the productivity and motivation of the team. Thus if you strive to be successful and dedicate time to growing the business, you must be treated accordingly.

Expert Advice; Productivity Tips For SEO Content Writers

So far, we have discussed the benefits of remote work for higher productivity for SEO content writers. Now we will give you five tips for better productivity. From the very beginning you need to realize the importance of search intent. As an SEO content writer you always challenge to find out why the search intent is the most important.

Do Not Skip The Writing Stages

Deadlines are pushing us, and sometimes focusing on the real flow of content writing takes effort. However, the primary writing process becomes more complicated if you skip one writing stage, such as research or preparation.

To learn more about the writing stages, you can read American Writing Fundamentals.

If you start your writing with research and implement great topics in your preparation stage, it will be easier to follow the deadlines.

It will be great if you will have the overall website audit before you will start writing. It will provide you essential statistics and details to prepare the outline and strategy of SEO content marketing. For instance, law firm SEO is highly different from accounting SEO and you need to have all the details to prepare better content. As both of them have different SEO positioning and it should be visible in your content creation.

Media Fast During The Writing Process

Social media can cause a distraction for all workers. But for content writers, it is another struggle. Getting one message from your friend can distract you from the writing process and delay your writing productivity.

Remember that social media can be great for getting new ideas and inspiration for your writing, but whenever you are ready to type, put your phone on mute.

Multitasking is great, but you can only multitask some things. Therefore you need to be attentive and not waste your working hours and work extra hours to meet the deadlines.

Get An Assistant To Handle More Tasks

Nowadays, having an assistant for proficient content writers is a great idea. They can do all the technical parts, and you will handle the rest. This way, you can accumulate more projects and earn more money.

Nowadays, it is easy to find an assistant, as you can hire a proficient virtual assistant who can help you online, and you will have better productivity and time management.

Think also using excellent software to manage your work processes. Grammarly is a great example, as it can help you to check your writing; it has free options, so you do not need to spend money.

Calling software can ease the process if you need to make calls. Cold calling will be far less stressful if you use software for calls.

SEO As a Writing Flow

SEO As a Writing Flow

Many SEO writers do not consider search engine optimization as one of the main stages of writing, and they only start to care about it after they already have the written article. However, you should do keyword research in the preparation stage of the article.

If you are not in charge of SEO, ask your team to provide you with all the necessary keywords and subtitle suggestions so that you can create a well-written product. You can use Ahrefs or Semrush for keyword research, as these tools are professional and will bring outstanding results. Another great tool for finding out keywords is ranktracker, which will be more convenient for content writers to get all the necessary keywords.

Come Up With To-Do List

You are in trouble if you do not have a to-do list. SEO content writers are busy, as they have many article requests and should handle them on time. So what?

Use Google calendar to have better time management and stay caught up on essential tasks. Looking at employee monitoring effects, you will find the importance of time tracking. Therefore, start tracking your timing to ensure a better life and work balance.

Bonus Tips For Productivity

Life-Long Learning Experiment

If you strive forward and have endless achievements, you should never stop learning. And one of the essential productivity tips is to get new courses and certificates.

You can dedicate 2 hours each day to your educational activities. It can be a Ted Talk or a movie, but still, you can learn something new, and your day will be more productive.

You can easily take the best accounting certification in a flexible and convenient way, even if you have yet to gain a quantitative background. Remember that challenges raise adrenaline hormones, making you more productive and act quickly.

Give yourself freedom and learn anything interesting for you. You only need to take content writing classes for a few months. You can get conflict communication training if you are interested in conflict resolution. It will also help you to maintain good relationships with all your co-workers and have better mental health.

Interactive Collaboration With Coworkers

As a content writer, you might work with different teams and collaborate with them accordingly. During special holidays, such as the Christmas period, you can suggest to them to play secret Santa when you need to pick a name and buy a present for that person. There are many easy secret Santa gifts for coworkers; you can share the list with them and play together.

Expand Your Horizons; Business Mindset

As a content writer you can become more productive if you expand your team and get many more content writers who will help you. You can hire a beginner content writer and work with them. In this way, you will be more productive and handle more projects. You can make interviews through video interview tools and pick the most efficient people for you.

If there are several events and occasions in your workplace, you need to follow them and try to be part of them. In this case, you will feel more productive. And if you are writing about the product's descriptions, you need to sift through the products. If your company prefers to order custom shipping boxes, you need to include them in your product description. Wrapping and packaging are essential for product description; you should not skip them.

Re-use Your Content Idea

If you wrote about a specific topic months ago, you can return to the idea and restate it. If the topic is excellent and highly interesting in your target group, consider using it again to generate more traffic and leads. The topic will work better as soon as you bring a new approach and creativity.

Final Notes

SEO content writers have higher chances of getting flexible schedules, which can help them better manage their time.

Remote work is not the future anymore; it is the present. Remote work allows for maintaining a better life-work balance as opposed to commuting. You can work from anywhere you want; make your choice and start working remotely.

And if you are a content writer and work in an office, you have higher chances to modify your to-do list. Therefore follow our suggestions to have better productivity and a better life-work balance.

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