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Top 27 Ways to Promote Your Business

  • Georgi Todorov
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Top 27 Ways to Promote Your Business


If you are unaware, if you have a small business, and you decide to advertise yourself properly within the digital world, you can increase your revenue by a tremendous amount.

However, while there are traditional ways of advertising, there can also be a lot of unique, interesting ways through which you can advertise your business that might bring you to the next level.

With proper optimization, and a decent budget, any business has the capacity to skyrocket to success, and as such, today we will be showing you the 27 best ways to promote your business.

Start by Investing in Search Engine Optimization

To truly understand how search engine optimization can help, you simply need to search up anything on google. And to understand how important it is, you simply need to dive into some key SEO stats.

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Chances are that you will end up clicking on one of the top results, or at least, the results that are showcased on the first page of Google.

Think about it, when was the last time that you decided to visit page two or three on Google?

Exactly, through search engine optimization, you can ensure organic traffic to your website.

0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page.

Once you have managed your search engine optimization the next step to do is to find the right focus keyword and increase your audience through Google Ads.

Google ads will give you a tremendous boost when it comes to hitting traffic, but keep in mind that this boost ends the moment your bank account is empty, as in, it's not better than gaining organic traffic, however, it will give you some traction.

Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%.

Facebook Ads

After Google ads, you also need to take a look at some social media ads.

Social media platforms are one of the most powerful sources of people, and as such, could potentially result in millions in revenue if done right, especially social video ads.

People are constantly on social media, and Facebook has business tools that allow you to specifically advertise to your target demographic. You can easily target business owners on Facebook, or reach potential consumers and customers. It can start as low as $5 a day, while still giving you the momentum you require.

Instagram Ads

Acquired by Facebook as well, you can carry on your advertising to possibly one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, Instagram. Here you will gain access to a plethora of tools that will allow you to customize your advert through images, videos, and gifs, allowing you to gain the attention of your target demographic in numerous ways.

Build a Website

Having a website is important, as this is the main way people will find you.

You will eventually connect this website with a blog that will drive organic traffic to the website on its own.

This website needs to showcase everything that your company can offer, and as such, drive potential leads.

Building an Email List

Building an Email List

Give value to the visitors of your website by building an email list.

This could be in the form of a free ebook, promotional materials, whitepapers or simply a sale on some item or service. The more people you have on the email list, the more people you can push promotional materials to in the future.

Network Locally

Word of mouth advertising is as powerful as ever, and the more you build up your reputation locally, the easier it will end up being for you to gain customers.

Make Groups

In other words, create social media groups where you can transfer your community to, where they can discuss more about the topics they like, that are connected with the service or product you are selling.

Build a Community

By building a community, you are fundamentally building a fan-base that will follow you along no matter what, assuming your product is of high quality.

Post Fliers

If you think real-world marketing is gone, well, you are wrong.

Fliers are so rare and far in between, that having them out there will give people some intrigue about your company and services.

Connect with Bloggers

In order to get some traction with your blog and build momentum, you need to have guest posts or have your articles be posted on other reputable websites in order to rank higher on search results.

Build a Blog

Build a Blog

If you are selling a product, or are selling a service, you need to have a blog.

The blog’s intention is to educate the audience about the product or service, and its use cases. The idea is to advertise your product or services in a subtle way throughout the article, and showcase it as a solution to a given issue.

Connect Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms available when it comes to generating business leads. Due to its reputation, it is a platform specifically designed for businesses to connect, and if you get a subscription, you can view the analytics and find the perfect market for your service or product.

Write Press Releases

Through these press releases, you can share information about your company as well as the positive impact it has had on the community, and make sure that the media picks up on it.


By teaming up with other businesses, you can share their products and services to your audience, and they can share your products or services to their audience. Make sure that the products or services align with each other for the best results.

Hold Seminars

These can be both in the real world, and online, and are an excellent way to teach people a skill you know well. The idea is that you can teach people something, but as a result, also lead them to the conclusion that you are an expert in your field, and as such, they will have a higher reason to hire you for your services.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Again, this is not limited to the real world, if you cannot attend a conference, you can host one online, where you can speak to your audience.

Offer a Free Trial

If you are selling a product that is a virtual software package, you can offer it as a 7- or 14-day trial for people to try out before purchasing. If it is a physical product in the real world, you can offer them to try out the product in the store. We offer a 7 day free trial on most of our plans - /pricing/

Offer a Money-back Guarantee

People will feel a lot more comfortable using your software, services, or products if they know that they can return them if they do not work as expected and get a full refund.

Gain Referrals

When you have a successful collaboration with a client, make sure to ask them if they have a friend in need of similar products or services, this will allow them to refer you to their friend.

Give Coupons

These could be in the form of sales coupons or trial coupons and are highly dependent on what you are actually selling or providing to your customers, as such, analyze the marketplace, learn what people like, and give coupons accordingly.

Have a Sale

Have a Sale

This could be a black Friday sale, a cyber Monday sale, or any other event happening in the world. Keep up with the latest marketing trends and make sure to know when the perfect time is to conduct a sale. The sale does not have to be to an astronomical amount where your company is at a loss, however, cutting a few bucks on the top might make a difference in the decision process of some people.

If you are a brand that can align well with a sports or e-gaming team, you are in luck. You can simply provide the products for free to the team of players and advertise yourself to their audience. Currently, a lot of people are watching e-gaming content which is streamed across the globe, so if you want to target a global market, this might be a perfect way to do so.

Have a Contest

By holding a contest, you can entice people to do an activity. This activity needs to align well with the reputation and image of your brand you want to share across the world. The competition could be a contest to develop software to help charity, or a contest to see who can do the most of a certain activity, where the proceeds of the contest will go to charity. The idea is to help out the community in some way. You can also, however, give out a free product, or a yearly subscription to your line of products, it highly depends on what you have to offer.

Have an Excellent Support Staff

Many people are afraid of trying out new services and products due to the fact that they have not been proven to work for them, they have no information about how they work, and they are afraid things might break. But what they are even more afraid of, is what they can do if things inevitably break. As such, by having a great support team that’s there to assist them in any way they can, 24/7, you are ensuring that your brand’s reputation will rise and it is an excellent way to promote the capabilities of your business.

Create a Clothing Brand

Once you’ve built up quite the reputation, and have a cult-like following of fans, already filled in Facebook or other social media groups and forums, you essentially have a user-base of people who are huge fans of your products.

How do you build upon this?

With a clothing brand of course.

Since people are idolizing your brand, enjoying it, and generally adore talking about it on forums and groups, you have already laid down the groundwork.

The idea with the clothing brand is not to profit out of it, although you could still do that, to make it extremely accessible, so it starts showing up everywhere across the world.

The more people wear your brand, both online, and while they are outside on the streets, the more free advertising you are getting, as other people might stop and ask what the brand is all about. This will also give your brand a whole new style and image, as that is how people will perceive you and remember you, so invest a lot in the design of the clothing.

Make a Podcast

Make a Podcast

People love talking about a brand, and people love learning about new information on a daily basis, so why not combine both?

By making a regular podcast, which can be done on either a weekly or a monthly level, you can essentially gain a following of people who are genuinely interested in your brand as a whole, and how your business is progressing.

As such, you can talk about the latest trends, technologies, and advancements in your specific field of work, while informing people about it.

You and the staff who talk during these podcasts will build up a reputation due to their knowledge, and your brand identity will rise as people will start perceiving you and connecting you with what is being talked about at the moment.

Best of all, podcasts can be listened to at home, at the gym, during a long trip, and so on, they require only a set of headphones or speakers and do not take the attention away too much from people and their everyday activities, so it is an excellent way to promote your business.


Whatever methods you may choose to promote your business with, you cannot go wrong.

Take baby steps, go slower, and slowly build yourself down the list, the further you get, the higher the chances of a successful promotion, both online, and in the physical world.

Hopefully, you have opened your eyes as to what exactly is possible through proper promotions, and remember to have fun and enjoy all of these activities, because, at the end of the day, this is what your career is based on.


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