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Top SaaS Management Platforms 2022

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Top SaaS Management Platforms 2022


SaaS, or software as a service management platform, has played a massive role in revolutionizing the technology industry. It has changed the way companies handle the usage of cloud-based tools and applications. With SaaS management platforms, business organizations can decrease risks, optimize costs and increase work productivity. Did you know that the SaaS market is predicted to reach around $173 billion by 2022?

The SaaS management software is a singular place where one can easily access the various SaaS applications the business uses. Apart from this, different platforms come with unique features, making them more than just tools to handle SaaS apps.

However, the wide range of benefits these platforms offer makes them so appealing to business organizations. Experts believe that organizations will use 85% of SaaS products by 2025.

SaaS Management Products

There are numerous SaaS management products available in the market. These platforms aid in the management of purchase, onboard, license, and other usages of different cloud-based tools. Take a look at the best SaaS management platforms –

1. ControlHippo


ControlHippo is the ultimate SaaS management platform that helps you start tracking within minutes. Using this SaaS Management Tool, you can rationalize your portfolio and eliminate duplicate apps. By detecting different apps according to their usage, you'll be able to optimize your time and resources. Manage subscriptions, negotiate contracts, and eliminate waste with a holistic view of your organization's SaaS Management.



FactoHR is a human resources and payroll management software system. It is designed to streamline and automate various HR and payroll processes within an organization. FactoHR offers a range of features and modules that help businesses manage their workforce more efficiently.

2. Zluri


Zluri is a top-grade SaaS management platform serving data-driven business organizations with a wide range of features. The tool is high-speed and aids in the elimination of duplicate apps, unused apps, etc. Other notable features include exceptional visibility, access control, SaaS automation, and alerts.

3. SailPoint Identity Platform

SailPoint Identity Platform

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If you are looking for a SaaS management platform that handles security access to technology, the SailPoint Identity Platform is the ideal choice. The solution delivers exceptional business visibility while offering complete automation of different tasks. Apart from that, it also aids in enhancing productivity and mitigating security risks.

4. Onetool

​​ Onetool

With Onetool, you get the benefits of multiple SaaS software into one solution. With this platform, you can use all the tools to handle different IT operations. All of these can be done with ease from the central dashboard. It is the versatility of the platform that makes it appealing to enterprises.

5. Teams Manager

Teams Manager

Teams Manager is a remarkable SaaS management platform used to handle Microsoft Teams. Here, you will find exciting features such as templates for Microsoft Teams, governance policies, naming conventions, flow integration, etc. The wide range of features available makes this tool an excellent choice.

6. Apptio Cloudability

Apptio Cloudability

Apptio Cloudability is a top-notch cost optimization and management cloud-based tool. It aids companies in handling the business, finance, and IT departments and works towards optimizing costs. With this platform, companies can take advantage of visibility and enhanced efficiency. That will aid in the allocation of the amount needed for cloud spending.

7. BetterCloud


Another excellent SaaS management platform to check out is BetterCloud. Companies use this tool to handle and secure different cloud-based applications. This platform efficiently mitigates various security risks and enhances safety measures. You can also benefit from advanced alerting, zero-touch automation, etc.

8. DocAve Software Platform

DocAve Software Platform

The DocAve Software Platform is a product from AvePoint and is a well-known SaaS management platform. This tool can manage, backup, and even migrate Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. The platform allows companies to control a single or more SharePoint environment. It offers excellent data protection and delivers top-notch operational control.

9. Productiv


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Powered with top-grade application engagement analytics, Productiv boasts the best SaaS management platform for app engagement. With this tool, companies can visualize the SaaS portfolio of the business and assess the cost and usefulness of different apps. Access to helpful engagement insights aids in making critical decisions. Apart from that, the 90-day free trial is impressive.

10. Blissfully


Blissfully is an excellent SaaS management platform, offering a wide range of features. With this platform, enterprises get the opportunity to handle vendors and maintain compliance with ease. Moreover, it is easy to streamline different IT operations and ensure that the overall costs don’t exceed the pre-set limit. You can try out the free trial version.

11. Torii


Torii is a top-notch SaaS management platform that aids in the discovery, management, and optimization of the use and overall costs of SaaS in the business organization. The tool allows complete visibility into different SaaS applications that the company uses.

Apart from these, there are many other options available. Choosing the tool best suits the enterprise's needs is essential.

What are SaaS Management Platforms?

Are you wondering what is a saas platform? The SaaS management platforms or SMPs are solutions that aid in managing the daily operations of different SaaS applications. These include Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, etc. It inevitably makes the work of the IT operational administrations and management more straightforward and hassle-free. That way, the IT administrators can handle application policies while tracking the usage of the application.

Apart from that, the platforms can be used to implement corrective action and mitigate risks. You can also use it for the automation of different IT administrative tasks.

Security is the primary concern as SaaS applications run their tasks in the cloud in contrast to others that use the local networks. It adds additional strain to the IT teams that already handle a massive workload in maintaining the company's technology infrastructure.

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Moreover, ensuring that numerous applications are used while maintaining compliance and security measures is time-consuming and laborious. Here, SaaS management platforms come to the rescue. With these platforms, one can keep control of different SaaS applications with relative ease.

While SMPs often conduct many tasks, there are some must-haves. These functions are –

  1. Handling the security settings and ensuring compliance
  2. Simplification of different IT tasks with excellent management
  3. Tracking SaaS applications

SaaS Management Platforms Features

SaaS management platforms deliver a wide array of features. It is the features that aid in the differentiation of the platforms. The specific characteristics of SaaS management platforms indeed differ. However, there are some basic features one can look out for when choosing SaaS management platforms. Take a look –

  • SaaS application discovery: It aids in the identification of tools that are perfect for the use case.
  • Security management of SaaS applications: Reduction of risks from unauthorized application usage.
  • Management and detailed reporting on the SaaS budget: It assists in the decrease of money wastage due to suboptimal usage.
  • Administrative control: With this feature, one can handle different administrative operations in a single place.
  • SaaS license management: It ensures that the licenses needed are paid and valid for daily usage.
  • Compliance of SaaS applications: The feature aids in maintaining compliance of different SaaS applications with the pre-set regulations.
  • Vendor management: It aids in the maintenance of a database that contains information related to the vendor.
  • User management: It records the people using the application and its purpose.
  • Usage insights: It offers information on how and why a particular software is used for business operations.

SaaS Management Platforms Comparison

Choosing the right SaaS management platform is critical for the success of your business. However, there are different factors that one needs to consider before selecting the SaaS management platform. Here are the factors to check out –

  • Security: Perhaps, the most exciting feature of SaaS management platforms is security. Check if the platform can identify different security risks and know other solutions to remediate them. While various SaaS management platforms offer various security measures, there are some essential ones you must consider.
  • Known SaaS catalog: SaaS management platforms indeed can identify multiple SaaS applications. The more applications the platform can identify and work with, the better it is for the business organization. Look at the platform's product coverage area to know more.
  • Usability: One of the most crucial parameters that need consideration is the usability aspect. It is vital to check if the platform managing SaaS applications are easy to use. The solution must provide an easy navigation system and aid in using different SaaS tools. Also, check if the platform offers training, tutorials, and tech support.

Benefits of SaaS management platforms

There are multiple advantages that enterprises can gain from using SaaS management software. These are –

1. Reduction of costs

The beneficial aspect of SaaS and the various tools that come with it is undeniable. However, the rising budget of SaaS spending is a cause for concern. While the usage of different cloud-based tools present in the SaaS stack is a boon, the price is rising exponentially. For a small or medium-sized company, this is a big issue. Here, the SaaS management platforms come to the rescue. It aids in the identification of unnecessary costs and optimizes spending.

2. Security of the business organization

The adoption of SaaS tools comes with prominent security concerns. For instance, usage of non-approved SaaS tools can increase security issues significantly. That is why SaaS management platforms provide a wide range of security features. The solution alerts whenever a new SaaS app exists in the company ecosystem. That way, the IT team can vet the application and determine its legality before using it. Besides, eliminating access to the app is possible if it doesn't pass the security regulations.

3. Compliance maintenance

Compliance is a complicated aspect when it comes to SaaS apps. Here, regulations such as CCPA and GDPR must be followed for data protection. SaaS management platforms ensure that the apps follow the pre-set regulations and comply with them. Usage of shadow IT can eventually result in hefty penalties if caught violating the compliance rules. That is why it is vital to ensure the organization complies with the provisions set forth by the government.

Types of SaaS management platforms

There are primarily two different types of SaaS management platforms. These include SaaS operations management, and SaaS spend management.

SaaS operations management platform

SaaS operations management or SaaSOps platforms are tools that deliver enhanced visibility and control of the SaaS portfolio to the businesses. The platform sorts, handles, and even secures numerous SaaS applications.

The SaaSOps solutions are often integrated with the SaaS spend management products to deliver much more visibility regarding SaaS usage. With these tools, IT administrators can handle team and user access, IT workflows, adherence to policies, etc.

SaaS spend management platform

SaaS spend management platform is a solution that aids in the management and control of various SaaS application costs. With these platforms, enterprises can centralize the visibility of subscriptions to different SaaS applications. It also aids in creating a detailed utilization structure. Comparison of the utilization figures and the subscription pricing can assist in the identification of non-essential spending.

Apart from that, the tool also assists in the elimination of hidden costs related to SaaS licenses. You can use the platform to streamline contract management, predict SaaS applications subscription costs, etc.


SaaS management platforms aid in the growth of the business organization by managing the SaaS apps. This tool makes it easier to ensure that these applications are licensed, secure from cyber-attacks, and can be appropriately optimized. Moreover, it also offers information on apps that are rarely used and thus can be removed.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins

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