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Unleashing the Potential of Social Media for Your Business

  • Andre Oentoro
  • 4 min read
Unleashing the Potential of Social Media for Your Business


It's been a while since social media became a trendsetter among businesses. Platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have become excellent channels for building brand awareness and making sales.

However, a survey reveals that 24% of businesses don't use social media as their marketing channel. Without a constant online presence, they may suffer in getting their message across to target customers.

Besides, with various features available, you can be creative to help your business stand out. If you're still doubtful about leveraging social platforms, keep reading to unleash the potential of social media for your business.

Does your company use social media for business? (Image via Clutch)

#1. Boost Audience Reach and Brand Awareness

Over half of the worldwide population are active social media users. Experts predict the total number of social media users will increase to almost six billion, equaling 4.4 billion people in 2027.

With such a large community, you can take your business to the next level by expanding your audience reach and increasing brand awareness. You can choose suitable platforms that resonate best with your target audience.

The keys to improving brand awareness are to reach relevant audiences and build a robust content marketing strategy. To achieve that, you must understand the user characteristics of each social platform and choose one or more that are ideal for your market.

For instance:

  • Facebook: an ideal platform to reach audiences from all demographics.
  • Instagram: preferable for targeting younger individuals, from old and young millennials to gen Z.
  • TikTok: preferable to attract Gen Z and younger millennials through video marketing.
  • LinkedIn: excellent for finding and reaching professionals and B2B companies.

Knowing the user characteristics of each platform is vital for your business to build a targeted campaign. You can also choose the most suitable content to attract and engage audiences to know your brand better.

#2. Enhance Customer Engagement in Many Ways

Social media can help you enhance engagement in many ways. You can reply to their comments and direct messages, providing an additional customer service channel to them.

You can promote user-generated content from existing customers and post it on the platforms to influence prospects and other audiences. User-generated content in the forms of ratings, reviews, and testimonials is effective in converting people.

Enhance Customer Engagement in Many Ways (Image via Instagram)

You can also enhance engagement through live-streaming videos, interactive content, and community building. More than 70% of customers who enjoy a brand's social media content and interaction will recommend the brand to other contacts.

Live streaming, interactive posts, and community building allow you to garner feedback to improve your product further. Ensure your visual content is top-notch to grab the audience's attention right off the bat.

#3. Effective Lead Generation

If you want to generate leads effectively, social media has many ways to help you achieve your goals. The simplest way is to add your website link to your social media posts to drive traffic. Or you can add a link that can direct them to fill out an online form.

For a quicker way, consider paying for social media ads. You can gain impressive results from increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and converting prospects. Even though you need to spend extra money, the results will pay off the price.

Other strategies to attract more leads are hosting a contest and giveaways. You can require the audience to input their email and follow your brand's accounts to join the event. This type of tactic can also help you enhance relationships and engagement.

#4. Banks for Customer Insights

Social media can be a great channel for social listening. The comment sections are an excellent source to discover customer comments, inputs, preferences, behavior, and more. Besides, the interactive posts allow you to seek their opinions directly.

Moreover, each social platform has an analytic page. You can always track your content and campaign performance easily. You can also identify trends, understand customer interest, and make measured decisions according to your needs.

With data-driven decisions, you can personalize your campaign, making your marketing effort more worthwhile. If you want in-depth analysis and reporting, consider using marketing tools like Rank Tracker.

#5. Power Your SEO and Boost Site's Traffic

You can incorporate social media to power your SEO. This strategy will help enhance your site's visibility on search engines, improving your site's ranking and driving more organic traffic.

Some strategies you can use include link building and keyword targeting. You can promote your high-quality content on social media and encourage other websites to feature your content. A Google representative once revealed that link building is one of the keys to improving your SEO.

Meanwhile, keyword targeting is crucial to find relevant keywords that many audiences are looking for. Using searchable and relevant keywords can help enhance your site and video SEO to make your content stand out in SERPs. Consider using a third-party tool to generate potential keywords.

Keyword Finder tool from Ranktracker (Image via Rank Tracker)

#6. All-Effective Marketing Content

Investing in social media marketing can be beneficial for gaining long-term benefits. That's why more than 50% plan to make more investments in Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as their marketing channels.

Most importantly, creating content on social media is relatively affordable. You can edit photos and create videos using mobile apps or online tools that are completely free. Besides, the rise of AI content tools can also help you automate content production.

Social media content is also highly shareable and measurable. You can use videos to power your email marketing. Also, social platforms let you notice if your campaign is successful or discover why your content fails to drive the desired results.

#7. Build Brand Image and Credibility

With billions of active users, social media is ideal for exposing your brand and product. It allows you to build a positive brand image by maintaining a consistent brand image across social platforms. This way, you can make your brand more memorable to audiences.

Also, consistently provide valuable content that can educate and entertain viewers. You can expose your expertise to establish credibility and gain a reputation, which are important aspects to get audiences' trust and pull them closer to your marketing funnel.


There's no reason for you not to leverage social media to grow your business. You can invest in long-term benefits by creating valuable content across platforms. Or consider using paid ads and influencer marketing to drive results quickly.

With many marketing features, you can easily find your target audience, create content, distribute your campaign, and engage with audiences. If the seven points above are your business goals, there's no better time than now to plunge into social media.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro

is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Link: Breadnbeyond

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