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7 Best Business Marketing Platforms For Your Business & How to Choose One

  • Divyesh Bhatasana
  • 4 min read
7 Best Business Marketing Platforms For Your Business & How to Choose One


One of the essential components of every company is its marketing strategy. If you don't have a solid marketing plan, it will be tough for you to reach the people you want to sell to and achieve your main company targets. There is a wide variety of advertising methods accessible, including digital marketing platforms, and you must select the one that is most suitable for your business.

What is a marketing platform?

A marketing platform or advertising platform work as a tool that connects marketers and customers and also helps to generate awareness,employee engagement, and community. The initial objective of an efficient marketing platform is to help with the growth of customer interactions between businesses and their target a udiences. The second goal is to make it possible for companies to turn their potential customers into actual customers and to sell them products or services. Different types of marketing platforms provide companies with the ability to target specific customers and tailor their advertising messages to each particular customer.

Types of marketing platforms

With so many different advertising channels or digital marketing platforms and services to choose from, how can you be sure that you've selected the most effective one for your company?

If you're ready to turn your small company into a full-fledged brand with the help of the appropriate advertising platform, the following is where you should get started with different types of marketing platforms.

#1. Social media marketing platforms

Brands can offer highly targeted marketing messages and advertisements to customers via social media platforms or digital marketing platforms, as well as develop communities and share individual video testimonials.

Social media marketing platforms (Source: softwaretestinghelp.com)

It makes it possible for companies to interact directly with customers, which aids in building brand loyalty and expanding referral networks. The usage of various types of marketing platforms or social media platforms allows for the creation of compelling content that people may share, which may result in increased recognition of the brand.

#2. Email marketing platforms

The use of email is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to promote your business, interact with your consumers, and bring in sales. However, personally delivering emails and content that is well-timed and useful to each subscriber can be a process that is time-consuming, though not impossible to do.But to make your email marketing a big success, you need an accurate and updated email list of your prospect. There are multiple ways and tools by which you can find the email address of your prospects. For more details read the blog.

The advertising platforms for email marketing have become relevant at this point. They include tools that will help you design templates, the categorization of your list, the personalization of messages, the conduct of A/B testing, the scheduling of emails in advance, the measurement of the performance of campaigns, orchestration of data with other MACH architecture solutions, and the automation of email marketing workflows.

#3. Video marketing platforms

The development of video content is the primary emphasis of video marketing, which is a sub-category of content marketing.

The use of video marketing provides businesses with the chance to build a more meaningful relationship with their target audiences.

The use of responsive videos may make it possible for businesses to create video marketing campaigns that are more engaging and more successful.

#4. Content marketing platforms

Content marketing platforms (Source:rellify.com)

Advertising platforms for content marketing provide businesses the ability to manage all stages of the buyer's journey in the marketing communications they send out.

For example, buyers in the early phases of the buyer's journey can be updated about the products and services provided by a company through blog articles or posts on social media.

Customers who are interested in the deals may submit their testimonials, and other posts can also provide links to where they can make a purchase. Because of this, a company's marketing efforts may become more effective because they will only need to use a single marketing channel to target potential customers.

#5. Service-oriented platforms

Many advertising platforms connect service providers to customers and have back-end server components for sales. This service platform lets us consider outsourcing the technically advanced design for complex transactions.

Service-oriented platforms let consumers rent flats or hotels. Property owners may find roommates via the site. A meal delivery business connects restaurants with drivers, helping companies to deliver without employing more workers.

#6. All-in-one marketing platforms

Businesses can access a wide choice of integrated marketing solutions when they use all-in-one marketing platforms. SMS marketing, Email marketing, lead management, event management, website, and landing page creation, website analytics, and split testing are some of the services that they could provide.

Even though these kinds of platforms offer a wide variety of services, they often focus their attention and expertise on one or two parts of the services they provide.

#7. Search engine optimization marketing

Search engine optimization marketing (Source:freepik.com)

The marketing that is done through search engines is another significant platform. Such platforms help companies in improving their rankings on Google as well as other search engines. It also allows you to analyze the traffic on your website, learn the search terms that your users are using, and identify the websites that are driving traffic your way.

How to choose the right marketing platform?

Every type of marketing platform comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

For example, when Facebook and Instagram have merged into one platform, it is much easier to communicate with users in their 30s and older on that platform, but the younger generations are far more likely to use TikTok. This is simply a minor part of marketing through social media, but it serves as an excellent illustration all the same.

It is recommended that research be done on the most popular age groups, as well as any sub-platforms, such as groups or other virtual spaces, in which your specific target audience comes together to share information and engage in other activities.

  • Know your audience.
  • Determine your marketing strategy and its benefits.
  • Discover your target audience's online activities.
  • What's your marketing goal — and overall business goals?
  • Based on these questions, choose the best platform for both.
  • Spend money on email marketing and social media management tools that provide results.

Wrap it up

It can be challenging to decide which marketing platform to use, but it is important for the success of any organization. When making your selection, you need to take into consideration your target audience, your marketing goals, and your budget. Research all of the available options thoroughly before choosing one because there are many various kinds of platforms to pick from. It is essential to keep in mind that quality software for marketing is an investment that is necessary for any business.

Divyesh Bhatasana

Divyesh Bhatasana

is a Founder & CEO of Jeenam Infotech who has a passion for helping customers as a Link Building Consultant. You can connect with him on Linkedin.

Link: Jeenam Infotech

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