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Is SEO cost-effective in 2023?

  • Sawon Saha
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Is SEO cost-effective in 2023?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the most talked about topic nowadays. SEO is a digital marketing channel that assists businesses to rank top on search engine result pages (SERPs) and generates organic website traffic. SEO companies provide these tailored services to businesses for enhancing their digital footprint. In this era of eCommerce, there are no viable alternatives to digital marketing platforms for any business to succeed, and SEO is the most effective among them. Not only in terms of providing astonishing profitable outcomes, but SEO also holds the trump card among all the other digital marketing channels because of its cost-effectiveness. As an online business owner, it might be a common inquiry of yours that is SEO really worth the money? Let's find out!

Is It Worth It to Invest in SEO in 2022?

The answer is yes, SEO is a cost-effective marketing channel if you have tailored the right SEO strategies for your business. Finding out the right SEO company and partnering with them to outsource your SEO can be unbelievably cost-efficient than other digital marketing methods. Custom SEO techniques and practices suitable for your business can bring about favorable results within budget. It is proven statistically that 50% of all web traffic is driven by organic searches. SEO assists your business to grab this organic traffic as well as generates qualified leads to your website.

After the world went through one of the largest economic shocks during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were deeply affected and many had to shut down. At the same time, throughout the time of corona waves, a large number of online-based businesses sprouted due to the lack of the possibility of physical stores. Fast forward to 2022, many businesses have recovered and are still recovering from the great loss. But the online presence of any business has become more crucial than before as people have become more habituated to shopping online rather than going to a brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, the significance of having a digital channel strategy for digital marketing in the post-COVID world has become more crucial. Moreover, 78% of online marketing experience starts by searching for a product, and 81% of customers conduct online searches before purchasing a product. And among all the best online marketing channels, the most cost-effective way to increase web traffic is none other than SEO. In 2022, SEO has become more important than you can imagine for boosting your business's online presence. Every online business in Bangladesh is also considering SEO an essential tool for their business success.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There is no direct answer to this question. The cost of SEO varies from agency to agency, and also from business to business. A few factors determine the cost of SEO services and usually, they are :

  • The amount of traffic available in a particular niche market and competitiveness can cause changes in the costs of SEO. Requirements of a target location vary widely from business to business. The SEO service for a particular business in the suburbs can make it rank top of local search rankings, but the same service for a business in a metropolitan area might increase the rank very slightly. This is because the available traffic and competition are very different in the two locations.
  • Another factor that affects the cost of SEO is how well-organized and SEO-friendly your website is as user experience/user interface or UX/UI has a great impact on your SEO strategies. . Businesses that have little to no digital presence require services to optimize their websites for keyword-rich contents as well as user-friendly aspects to rank top on search engine results whereas businesses having an SEO-friendly website do not require these services. So, the charge for SEO services will vary for these two businesses. To solve this issue, Ranktracker provides website audit service to figure out what the problems are and what needs to be fixed in order to get a satisfactory result. After the website audit, Ranktracker helps to fix the weak points of your website and the charge depends on how many issues on your site need to be fixed.
  • The cost of SEO service is also determined by the budget of the client. The clients' requirements and how much they are willing to invest in SEO marketing is a great determining factors in the pricing of SEO services.

Apart from these key factors in identifying SEO service costs, the pricing models of SEO vary from agency to agency. SEO consultants can charge a business hourly, monthly, weekly, or on the basis of result or project type. The amount of charge will be different for each agency and will also be dependent on location.

Keep in mind, the cost of SEO can be finalized entirely on the services your business requires to enhance its online presence and how much you are willing to invest.

What Factors Contribute to the Relatively Low Cost of SEO?

SEO is considered a successful marketing strategy by 89% of businesses around the globe. SEO marketing is also considered a cost-efficient marketing channel for promoting business in Bangladesh. Among the most popular SEO services in Bangladesh, Ranktracker has successfully helped hundreds of businesses to enhance their online presence without breaking the bank. Let's take a look at the main reasons why SEO is worth the money to so many businesses.

Consumers Conduct Search before Buying

As mentioned earlier, 81% of consumers search for products online before deciding to purchase. So if you want your business to attract more customers, there is no alternative to establishing a strong presence on search engine result pages (SERPs). But just ensuring your site's presence on search results is not enough. More than 90% of search traffic accumulates to the first page of search engine results. If your website ranks on the third or later pages, even on the second page of search engine results, chances are your targeted audience will never even know your business's existence. It is crucial for your business to rank top on the first page of SERPs to stay ahead of your competitors. SEO enables you to achieve this objective by increasing keyword relevancy and other strategies.

Consumers Conduct Search before Buying

Ranktracker's SERP analysis tools aid you in monitoring your rank on search pages and gradually improve your position. By identifying the related search terms and keyword research, Ranktracker assists you to gain more visibility and gives your business a competitive edge. The amount invested in SEO for this purpose will return multifold profit compared to other digital marketing channels.

SEO Generates Qualified Leads

The entire purpose of lead generation is to focus on capturing the interest of your consumers in your products or services with the ultimate target of procuring sales. SEO ensures the generation of high-quality leads to your website through keyword research and content marketing strategy, greatly important for eCommerce, by developing related contents. In a nutshell, SEO assists your website in ranking top by creating contents and adding keywords to your website related to your business and products to target a specific audience. Potential consumers will find your content through organic search results. If the content caters to the requirements of your intended audience, you will have the possibility to convert an ordinary visitor into a lead, eventually making a sale. The higher the close rate, the higher the production of qualified leads. SEO leads exhibit a close rate of 15% compared to the 2% close rate of traditional marketing leads. Thus, SEO generates more high-quality leads and increases sales compared to conventional marketing tactics. Again, finding the right keywords is the most crucial part of generating valuable leads. No worries though, Ranktracker got your back! Through the thorough assessment of an up-to-date global database, Ranktracker's keyword finder mines out the best relevant keywords for your business and increases the lead generation rate.

SEO Generates Qualified Leads

SEO Provides Profitability for Long-Term

Most of the conventional marketing strategies focus on providing quick results which usually are applicable for a short period of time. SEO is a marketing channel that provides benefits in long term. Investing in SEO will continue to provide valuable results for a longer period than any other digital marketing channel. For example, when you invest in marketing through ads, you will stop getting results when you decide to stop paying for ad space. On the other hand, SEO builds up your website's online visibility through contents, keywords, etc. sustainably over time. Your SEO contents will continue to bring more traffic for a long time even after publishing. Moreover, SEO services will keep an eye on your competitors' backlinks and help you to improve your own strategies.

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SEO Provides Profitability for Long-Term

Ranktracker's backlink checker aids you to produce suitable backlinks for your site and our backlink monitor helps to keep a track of how many sites are linking to yours and how well your campaign is going. The process of identifying suitable SEO strategies for your business is lengthy and it involves lots of trial and error, but the results are promising and ROI will increase over time surely. Hiring an SEO service will bring you long-term success in the field of marketing, and you can focus on enhancing your core business while your marketing results are handled by professionals. Ranktracker can assist you in every step of this journey with promising commitment.

Through the Rank Tracker tool monitors, we ensure to get an update of your website's rank regularly and you can also monitor how our SEO campaign is benefiting you. Conventional marketing strategies may bring you immediate results but they are expensive for implementing for a longer period whereas SEO strategies ensure promising outcomes for a long time with less expensive investment.

SEO Builds Consumer Trust and Brand Value

It is natural that a consumer will trust the brands that rank on top of search results more than the brands that are ranked lower. Search engines produce results based on many factors, and among them mostly visited and user-friendly websites tend to rank higher than others. Websites that contain useful contents with related keywords tend to be visible to the targeted audience more. Top-ranked websites are visited by targeted demographic and generates qualified leads, consequently making sales. The more your website is visited by potential consumers, the more traffic is generated. And consumers will feel safer purchasing from your website rather than a low-ranked website. This is how SEO helps to build trust and credibility among your potential customers by optimizing results according to search engine algorithms. With this trust of your consumers, your brand value increases over time and your brand becomes a popular and trustworthy solution to your targeted demographic. Other marketing platforms can never ensure to steadily increase your consumers' trust like SEO does. Such as, if you choose to commercialize your product through ads, or pay-per-click, chances are people will no longer feel safer purchasing from you once you stop paying for the ads. Other marketing channels can generate sales over a shorter period of time, but building your brand value and consumer trust is a long-term process for which conventional marketing tactics are too expensive. SEO is the best and less expensive solution in this case. Ranktracker's unique SEO tools can provide the smartest ways to build up your brand's value as well as your consumers' trust.


SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing channel that provides tailored services to websites to generate organic traffic, leading to ranking top on search results. In 2022, SEO is considered the most cost-cutting solution for marketing your business. SEO provides long-term outcomes as well as builds the trust of the consumers over time with less expensive investment than other marketing platforms. Moreover, SEO provides high-quality leads and generates sales, increasing the ROI (Return on Investment) of a business multiple folds. Post-corona times require more SEO services for every online-based business to thrive among so many competitions as most businesses are highly focused on enhancing their digital presence to survive in this time of eCommerce. Thus, hiring a suitable SEO service is extremely crucial for your digital presence and Ranktracker is undoubtedly a great choice for this purpose.


1. Why SEO is considered a cost-efficient investment for marketing?

Ans. SEO provides long-term success with increased brand awareness through enhancing the digital presence of a business. The ROI of SEO is much higher than any other digital marketing channel. This is why it is considered the most cost-cutting solution for marketing.

2. How can an SEO company help me to make my business's digital presence strong?

Ans. SEO agencies will optimize your website's contents through keyword research and organize your website to make it more user-friendly. This is how your website can rank top on search engine results and your website's digital presence will become robust. Learn more about how Ranktracker can help you tailor your SEO strategy.

3. How long do I have to pay for purchasing SEO services from an SEO agency?

Ans. SEO agencies provide different custom services to their customers based on daily/weekly/monthly/project or result-based pricing models. You can connect with your chosen agency through the website or contact details and discuss your suitable payment options. Check out the pricing models of Ranktracker here!

4. Is SEO worth the investment?

Ans. Undoubtedly, yes. SEO services will provide you visible profitable outcomes than any other marketing platform for a long time. The investment will be doubled over a period of time, making it worth all the effort.

Sawon Saha

Sawon Saha

SEO Specialist

Sawon Saha is a digital nomad and SEO Specialist. He enjoys assisting businesses in improving their online visibility. Sawon is always up for a new challenge, and he enjoys using his skills to help others achieve their goals.

Link: SawonSaha.com

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