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The Power of Ads and PPC Statistics

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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The Power of Ads and PPC Statistics


PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a form of online advertising. I’m sure you’ve seen it, when you search for something on Google and your results yield some ads at the top of the page, those are them.

But how effective and worthwhile are PPC ads? Let’s find out through PPC statistics.

General PPC Statistics

  • PPC advertising is popular with even 45% of small businesses utilizing PPC advertising and with 62% of marketers planning to increase their budget for PPC.
  • About 80% of people only read headlines when they search for something. By using a powerful headline, you’ve captured 80% of your audience.
  • In 2019 companies across the world invested $104.8 billion in PPC advertising.
  • The projected spending in 2022 for PPC is projected to be over $137 million
  • Ignoring ads is a common practice by online users with 92% of PPC going unnoticed.
  • People are pretty impatient, which is why a site that takes 3 seconds to load will cause 53% of people to leave.
  • A personalized PPC landing page will be 5% more effective. So it's worth taking the time to invest in a landing page constructor. Effective PPC management has the power to boost brand awareness for businesses. By leveraging the right PPC strategy, businesses can experience significant increases in website traffic, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales and conversion rates. A well-executed PPC campaign can truly be a game-changer in the online business growth journey.
  • For Google Ads, on average, for every $1 spent a business will typically earn $2.
  • 65% of all clicks for Google Ads are those with high commercial intent.
  • $1.86 is the Average Cost per Click (CPC) for Facebook ads and is $2.69 on Google Ads.
  • The majority of ad spending is from Google and Facebook, which account for over 60%.
  • The platform where users are more likely to click on a PPC is Google, with people 4 times more likely to do so than on any other search engine.
  • Google dominates the global search market, owning 92% of it by 2021.

Display Ads Statistics

  • On average, text ads are most likely to be clicked at 49%.
  • The platform dictates what form of ad is most popular. For instance, video ads are favoured by 36% of YouTube users, while Amazon users prefer Product listing and shopping ads (50%), and Google users prefer text ads (55%)
  • More than 80% of the internet audience worldwide is reached by Google display campaigns.
  • People find display ads frustrating with 33% stating that they are “intolerable”.
  • Display ads are beaten out by Native ads, which receive 53% more views.

Shopping PPC Statistics

Shopping PPC Statistics

  • 52% of consumers are highly likely to call a business if they click on or engage with a PPC ad.
  • The vast majority of smartphone users (69%) use their phones for shopping.
  • At the beginning of the pandemic, the work-at-home reality was a big boost for the office supply companies and niche home decor sites. The industry saw a 35% in paid search ad clicks and a general search increase of 90%.

Mobile PPC Statistics

  • At least once a week 60% of mobile users, that’s nearly ⅔, click on a PPC.
  • A lot of money goes into mobile ad revenue, Alibaba itself was projected to spend $35 billion by the end of 2021.
  • Mobile devices with ad blockers increased by nearly 460 million from 2018 to 2019.
  • Annoyed by ads, 83% of mobile users state they would like to filter them out.

PPC Statistics for Social Media

  • $40 billion was spent on social media ads in 2020.
  • With a worldwide revenue in 2021 of $153 billion, social media advertising is second behind search advertising for the biggest market in digital ads.
  • Facebook marketing leads the social media PPC ad market, controlling 21.5% of the market.
  • 14.6% of the market share for PPC ads is controlled by LinkedIn.
  • It’s projected that by the end of 2022 there will be a 20.1% increase in video ad spending on social media, which will put that market at over $24 billion.

PPC Statistics for Businesses

  • PPC is great for businesses as it sees, on average, a 200% ROI
  • Instagram ads can reach around 928.5 million people, nearly ⅔ of that are people 13-34 years of age.
  • By 2022 over $56 billion will be spent by US brands on social media ads. The majority of this is Facebook, which sees 80% of the profits.
  • Most brands are satisfied with the PPC market, with 84% of those polled saying they see good results.

Financial PPC Statistics

  • PPC ads are used by 7 million advertisers and have exceeded a budget of $10.1 billion.
  • Between $1 and $2 is the average CPC.
  • The most expensive keyword at $59 per click is insurance as that business can bring in a lot of returns from one customer.
  • An 80% increase in brand awareness is possible through Google Ads.
  • Between $108,000 and $120,000 is the average annual cost of PPC.

SEO vs PPC Statistics

  • Organic visitors are 50% less likely to purchase something than PPC visitors, which shows that PPC ads are more effective.
  • Learning basic SEO can take a while, up to 3 months, whereas learning PPC can take only 3 weeks.
  • PPC requires that you continue to invest in campaigns while san antonio seo is constantly working for you.
  • If your PPC is in the top 3 results in a search ad, you are likely to see engagement, but if that isn’t the case, 94% of users will skip it to go to organic results.
  • PPC ads have unlimited visibility while SEO can be limited to 2 or 3 search engines.

PPC Trends

  • The PPC market is investing a lot of its energy in automation, which is beginning to take over in a lot of other markets.
  • Voice search is going to become one of the biggest surges for PPC. With things like Alexa and Siri, it’s projected that by the end of the year that market will be worth $4 billion.
  • Since AR and VR are becoming popular, the next step is to get ads in front of those virtual eyeballs, and the next avenue for PPC will be in the Virtual Reality world.
  • With video ads helping 93% of businesses attract new customers, short-form video content will be a very popular trend in the coming years. On the one hand, this is due to the development of social networks, on the other hand, this is due to the development of various services that help marketers and businessmen make marketing videos. Because of this, competition is growing, and companies are trying to attract customers with various free programs, such as a free promo video maker or automatic selection of filters for videos and photos.


Not many people like advertisements, but we would be foolish to say we don’t want them at all.

PPC is proof that people find advertisements helpful and that businesses can benefit from having a big PPC budget. You can prepare a proposal template for your business to gain a better PPC client lead.

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Felix Rose-Collins


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