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8 Ways to Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool

  • Gaurav Sharma
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8 Ways to Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool


Having a strong Twitter marketing strategy can build your brand in more ways than one. You can shape your image, build customer loyalty, and boost your revenue with Twitter as a marketing tool. However, it needs tact.

Here’s why.

This social media channel, like others, has a substantial influence on the image of brands.

Brand mentions are unavoidable, especially if you have a significant reach. Therefore, staying ahead of these conversations by actively using Twitter as a marketing tool is crucial.

Furthermore, Twitter provides avenues to create brand awareness and adverts that marketers ought to explore.

With features such as retweets, Twitter analytics, and Twitter ads, it's easier to grow your follower base.

After all, you’ll have a potentially large audience of over 329 million active users to work with.

Active users on Twitter (Image via Statista)

Here’s a deeper look into how you can use Twitter as a marketing tool.

8 Top Ways to Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool

Adding Twitter to your social media marketing strategy is useful in shaping your brand image and personality.

Here's a deeper dive.

1. Track Your Mentions

One way to stay ahead of what people are discussing about your brand on Twitter is by tracking your mentions. Luckily, Twitter notifies you when your brand is mentioned in conversations if your profile gets tagged.

This way, you can assess the sentiments associated with the mentions. If there are any critiques or complaints, this presents you with an opportunity to address them and improve your customer experience.

Better still, if there are any suggestions for improvement, this means more positive insight. And if they’re good reviews, you can thank the customers for the same and also leverage those reviews as testimonials to create trust among your customers.

For example, check out this mention of Hootsuite and their prompt response.

Check out this mention of Hootsuite and their prompt response (Image via Twitter)

Further, Twitter, as a marketing tool, provides search capabilities. You can type out the name of your brand and see who’s talking about you. This is possible even without a username tag. To dig deeper, you may also seek third-party applications for more comprehensive and accurate analytics of brand mentions.

2. Optimize Your Content

Brands that master the art of creating interesting posts have more sway on Twitter. Besides creating promotions, a part of Twitter marketing is also about having intriguing content.

This includes a mix of both written content, infographics, images, videos, and charts. Whether you’re using humor, visual appeal, or informative threads, make sure your viewers enjoy your content. Here’s a humorous meme by Wendy’s for inspiration.

Optimize Your Content (Image via Twitter)

If you need to provide more information than would be convenient to type, you can always link out to resources. For instance, you can link back to manuals, articles, or guides.

All in all, find a balance between your promotional content, informative content, and interactive content.

3. Use Targeted Keywords and Hashtags

Using targeted keywords allows you to reach users who are either searching or tweeting about similar content. For instance, if your business sells marketing software, you can use phrases such as “digital marketing” as your targeted keyword.

So, whenever someone searches for this phrase, they could possibly come across your content, hence improving your reach.

What’s more?

Use the right hashtags to increase your chances of engagement. However, you need to create essential hashtags using the right hashtag generator tools for more impact. Your hashtags need to be easy to remember, search, unique, and relevant to your business.

Memorable hashtags also help you gain a lot of influence. However, try not to overuse hashtags in your content.

Live video stream shopping is also now available on Twitter. High ranking influencers organize this type of event to sell their associate brands products in these events.

Finally, it helps to track your analytics and monitor performing hashtags, especially for marketing campaigns.

4. Schedule Twitter Posts

Part of growing your Twitter audience involves being consistent with your content. You want to engage your audience constantly at regular intervals. This involves identifying days and times when your audience is the most active.

Being regular with your tweets helps you grow your audience. Tracking their performance can also help you understand what works well and what doesn’t.

This way, you can monitor the success of your marketing efforts more accurately. The built-in Twitter Analytics tool can help with this.

You can then create a content schedule that works for your audience, based on the engagements received over time.

Once you’ve come up with a content schedule, you can even create your tweets in advance and schedule them for later. Some social media marketing tools such as Sprout Social help you track both your analytics and schedule your content.

5. Offer Customer Service

As a marketing tool, Twitter provides an opportunity to offer great customer service to your customers.

People share their experiences and complaints about your brand publicly and if you can address those on time, you can win brownie points and also cut down on damages to your brand reputation.

It’s also a great way of showcasing your customer service, responsibility, and accountability.

You can quickly offer a solution to your user and solve their problems with an apology. This can prevent the complaint from escalating into negative public exposure. Here’s an example by BMW.

BMW USA (Image via Twitter)

This is achievable if you have a team monitoring your Twitter account all the time. Being timely with your responses also shows that you value customer feedback.

Issuing quick responses and solutions helps build your brand image. Like email marketing, you get to create a personalized relationship with your customers by having one-to-one conversations with them. They’re also more likely to recommend your products and services to other people if you’re able to solve their issues.

6. Run Marketing Campaigns

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and offers paid ads that let you reach a targeted audience. They are a great way to run your Twitter marketing campaigns and can help you expand your reach.

What’s more?

You get detailed performance results on your campaigns. This makes it easy to determine its effectiveness so that you can make requisite tweaks to it.

Promoting your products on Twitter helps you reach a wider audience, gain Twitter followers, and boost your engagement.

You can design an effective ambassador marketing campaign to run a marketing campaign on Twitter. You can appoint a Twitter brand ambassador who have relevant followers on his account.

This way, you can drive traffic to your website and profile to generate leads and boost conversions.

7. Track Twitter Analytics

Built-in Twitter Analytics and third-party analytics tools are an effective way to keep tabs on your activities and engagements. As a marketing tool, it helps you track your marketing performance on the platform.

And this can help your productivity levels too.

How is that?

With Twitter analytics, you can figure out the best time to publish your tweets. Using social media tools, you can schedule these tweets such that they’re published during those times.

You can choose Twitter and Facebook ads monitoring tools that can help you to get real time insights of your ads performance on Twitter and Facebook in a cost effective way.

Twitter is also beneficial for b2b SaaS companies for generating good sales through twitter ads. Also you can use smart links for sales navigators to increase your SaaS sales.

8. Use Twitter Polls

Polls are an excellent way to interact with your audience and get their feedback, likes, opinions, preferences, etc. You can use Twitter Polls as a marketing tool to test new product ideas and gauge your market position.

Connect with the right influencers marketing agencies to design effective Twitter Polls for your organization. These agencies can help you generate more results.

Here’s an example of a Twitter Poll.

Add Twitter to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Twitter is an effective marketing tool for promotions and lead generation. It’s also a powerful tool to build and shape your brand image online.

With Twitter analytics, mentions, and promotions, you can understand your performance, grow your audience, and drive traffic to your site. Twitter lets you engage your audience, track mentions, and offer great customer service.

All these capabilities make Twitter an effective marketing tool. You can now use these listed tactics to get the most out of your Twitter marketing efforts.

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

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