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SEO Strategies To Increase Online Bookings

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
SEO Strategies To Increase Online Bookings


Once you have your online booking system in place, you need exposure, and you need customers to find your website. You can either gain exposure through paid advertising or through driving organic traffic by optimizing your SEO.

In the long-term, SEO is much more effective. Think about your long-term and short-term aims. Devise a strategy and execute it well, and you will be sure to improve your website traffic and your bookings sales.

Why SEO Is So Important

By properly implementing SEO, you will become more visible online. It is an affordable marketing strategy. Compared to running TV ads or paying for billboards, using SEO is very cheap.

Websites that are optimized with SEO will attract a lot of visitors, and so it is inevitable that you will receive more online bookings. SEO can help you to stay ahead of the competition. You will easily outrank other companies that are not using SEO.

Why SEO Is So Important (Image Source: Monstera on Pexels)

Find The Right Keywords

Using the right keywords is perhaps the most significant aspect of SEO. Keywords will be the exact words that people use when they are searching for the services that you offer.

If somebody was booking a hotel, booking a rental car, or booking a flight, they would type specific words or phrases into their search engine. It’s essential that these words are appearing frequently on your website.

Keywords should also be added to your page titles and can be in your URLs. Finding the best keywords takes some research. You can use software such as Ranktracker to make this process easy and efficient.

You can also do keyword research on your own, though it will be tougher and take longer. Either way, it is essential for marketing your website and services.

Write Unique Content

Whatever service you are offering, creating content is a marketing strategy that will definitely help you to gain direct bookings. This means putting out informative and interesting articles and blog posts. This can attract customers who are searching for very specific information online.

You can also create video content. This can seem much more personal and engaging. Creating content is really useful because it helps your customers to find a ton of relevant information. It also massively boosts SEO.

Let’s give an example. If a backpacker was searching online for “The best countries to travel to in Asia”, and your website had an article about it, then you would appear in their web search. Make sure that you provide calls-to-action and links to your services in your content. This can be a great way to get online bookings.

Add Direct Booking To Your Site

You can increase bookings by making it possible for customers to book directly from social media. When you do this, your customers may use your services and then post pictures all over their social media accounts. This can be great exposure. There are several ways to add direct booking to your site.

You can insert a link to an external booking system. You could use plugins. This can be a great option if you are a small business that doesn’t receive a huge amount of bookings. Plugins can be responsive and effective and can provide you with notifications.

You could hire a programmer and develop a custom-coded booking engine. This may be a good option if you are a bigger business with a lot of bookings. You could also use an API (application program interface). This method can be expensive but is very SEO friendly.

Add Direct Booking To Your Site (Image Source: Pixabay on Pexels)

Track Site Traffic

You have a lot of potential pitfalls if you aren’t tracking site traffic. Ranktracker makes it easy to track lots of metrics, including your search result ranking, the traffic you are receiving from searches, and more.

It’s really important that you track how well your website is performing if you want to increase your online bookings. Monitoring metrics will help you to know if you are on track for meeting your goals.

You should be sure to monitor what customers are searching for, what your competitors are doing, and where visitors tend to go after visiting your website. This will give you a bigger picture and help you to devise effective SEO strategies.

Local SEO

When it comes to getting more online bookings, your primary focus should be on local SEO. Most search engine queries will probably add the location of your service. For example, they will search for “hotel stays in New York”, or “renting a car in France”.

Use Ranktrackers keyword finder to generate keywords that will be used in your content. Be sure to use keywords in your headlines. Don’t stuff keywords into your content. Create local SEO content. Include the names of famous cities or landmarks in your local area.

Create internal and external links. The more links you have, the more credible your site will seem to search engines. Make sure that you get positive reviews from happy customers.

Other Ways To Increase Online Bookings

Using a platform such as Ranktracker will certainly help you to boost your SEO. You could also hire an expert or an agency, though this can prove to be expensive.

Another way to increase your online bookings can be to offer incentives to loyal customers. Loyalty rewards can include discounts, coupons, or other perks. These kinds of incentives can quickly turn casual browsers into loyal customers.

You could offer a virtual tour of your services via your website. If you are offering rented cottages, you could show people around the grounds with interesting commentary. You have aerial views using drone footage.

Making the booking process as simple as possible is going to encourage people to book online. They will also be more likely to use your services again and recommend your company to friends and family.

In Summary

To optimize your website and get more online bookings, you should find the right keywords. Make sure that you produce high-quality content that is relevant to your service. Add direct bookings to your website. Be sure to track site traffic and other important metrics.

Using local SEO will help you to secure more customers. You can also use software such as Rantracker, offer loyalty programs, give virtual tours and try to make the booking process as simple as possible.

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