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The Top 20 Beauty Influencers Brands Need to Watch

  • Veselin Mladenov
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The Top 20 Beauty Influencers Brands Need to Watch


The face of the beauty industry is presently being changed by influencers.

These professionals generate beautiful contents that transform the façade of their products to that of works of art while at the same time sharing their standpoints on those that are not really great.

They serve as perfect marketing tools for brands because they already have a steady following of thousands of prospective consumers.

As a matter of fact, Streamline Marketing postulates that roughly 89%of the brands that leverage these influencers record a higher return on investment than when using alternative marketing techniques.

The Top 20 Beauty Influencers

Those who follow these influencers tend to trust their opinions on the latest topics and trends and are also more likely to purchase these products.

Whereas influencing marketing is a popular tool for many brands, the influencers in this industry tend to command greater trust than those in other industries.

In light of this, many leading beauty bloggers have also collaborated with the leading brands to generate their own makeup lines, lip kits, and skincare products, to name but a few!

It is because of this that brands are supposed to monitor the influencers keenly.

No brand wants its products to garner poor reviews by some of the most trusted voices in the industry and similarly, none wants its products to fail for the reason that a better one exists.

Unlike other marketers, the influencers can also create the products faster and using their strong following, generate greater sales almost immediately.

Here comes the question: who are the 20 leading influencers in the beauty industry?

Who are the 20 leading influencers in the beauty industry

Just if you may collaborate with these fellows, or at least have your product reviewed by them, you stand to reap lots of benefits right away.

Below are the 20 leading influencer brands you should be on the lookout for:

Huda Kattan

She launched her multibillion-dollar domestic brand in 2013, in Dubai, and has taken the world by storm ever since.

Using a YouTube channel going by the same name, she commands a whopping 50 million followers on all of her social media platforms.

Of late, she has been high on demand but nonetheless selects only specific brands to work with. Overall, she has kept every word of hers, a fact that has led her fans to trust them.

Nikkie Tutorials

Its founder is Nikkie de Jager and reaches out to her fans largely via the YouTube platform. She also commands a strong following of about 14 million on Instagram.

Her followers are christened ‘glow babies’ and they seem to trust her opinions on skincare and makeup items without a pinch of salt.

On YouTube, she has well over 13 million subscribers, a fact that places her at the very top of the beauty influencing world.

Apart from beauty influencing, she is also an active advocate of LGBTQ rights stemming from her own struggles with the issues of gender identity.

Genelle Seldon

This influencer is the latest entrant in this list but is nonetheless gifted all around. She also doubles up as a fashionista and singer who has managed to garner well over 473,000 followers on Instagram.

Kandee Johnson

She has a bubbling personality and incredible talents that keep attracting people to her channel.

Also, she was one of the first persons who engaged in the matter of YouTube beauty influencing. In her Instagram and YouTube channels, you may access beauty tips, transformations, and tutorials.

Collectively, she has 6 million followers on both platforms.


Cohl has a diva-like personality and juts out unbiased product reviews both of which have contributed tremendously to her success on social media.

In a nutshell, he is a competitive cheerleader while also posting extensively on makeup tips and tutorials on many of his media feeds.

Penelope Gwen

This is a self-taught professional model and makeup artist from the United Kingdom. She commands a strong 303,000 strong following on Instagram on which she posts the adventures she encounters while working.

‘Experimental makeup’ is the name she assigns her niche via which she treats her followers with bold and bright gothic styles as well as powerful poses.

Nyma Tang

For a very long time, she ran a series christened ‘The Darkest Shade’ on YouTube that catapulted her to great success in the world of beauty and also making her a rising influencer. She does have a small following of about 474,000 only that is nonetheless on a steady increase.

James Charles

James Charles has enjoyed a fast and steady growth in influence who commands the highest following in YouTube not to mention bagging several awards along the way.

He also became the first male beauty ambassador for CoverGirl magazine at the tender age of 17.

Throughout his career, he has strived hard to avoid all drama but has nonetheless made significant strides in the beauty industry. He has especially succeeded in collaborating with Morphe Beauty in the matters of makeup.

Manny Gutierrez

Much like James Charles, he also sits atop the male beauty game. He was also the first male ambassador for the Maybelline beauty giant.

This is besides his YouTube beauty channel that commands 4 million subscribers and the Lunar Beauty brand.

Vegas Nay

Vegas Nay is the commercial name of Naomi who has 20 years plus worth of experience as well as her own lashes line. At present, she sits atop the beauty and skincare sector and is a great online sensation.

Shayla Mitchell

She operates in the makeupbyshayla and launched her YouTube video in 2012 followed later by TikTok. Other than this, she is also the ambassador of ColorPop Cosmetics and devotes much of her time to promote brands via her Instagram channel.

While at it, she tags every product she uses to generate stunning appearances on her body.

Kianna Naomi

Kianna Naomi is a film actress who is based in Los Angeles. At the tender age of 19, she had already collaborated with Fossil and Sephora.

During her spare moments, she posts blogs and videos regarding her favorite fashions and styling tips on her YouTube channels on which she has around 1 million followers.


Jeffreestar is a self-made millionaire who was coincidentally the highest-paid YouTuber in 2018. At the moment, he continues to draw a cult-like following on the platform.

He maintained an active presence on YouTube for over a decade now, a journey that he started way back at high school level by experimenting with the makeup of his mother.

As we speak, he is a successful makeup brand that continues providing brutal and honest reviews of many other products on YouTube.

A peek into his life was captured in a YouTube series by his vlogger who doubles up as his best friend, Shane Dawson to know more about his beauty empire.


This beauty influencer makes posts to her YouTube channel, JkissaMakeup, every Tuesday and Sunday. She is based in Los Angeles and operates from her Hollywood studio from which she refers to herself as Pro Oreo Eater.

Beauty business

Thomas Halbert

Thomas Halbert is fast-rising in the field of beauty influencing. With a strong following of about 334,000, he enjoys a consistent stream of selfies, makeup tutorials, and product reviews.


She specializes in cruelty-free beauty products. As of now, she commands a following of over 800,000 on Instagram and another YouTube channel she launched in 2015.

Through her unique tutorials, she is adored by her fans and is poised to be even more popular in the years to come.


Shaaanxo is a New Zealand native who blogs on beauty, nail artistry, and eye shadow topics. Her real name is Shannon Harris and runs her personal beauty brand that deals in among others, cosmetics, beauty blends, lashes, and vegan cosmetic brushes, all of which are made in Italy.

Even though she is not the CEO of her firm, she posts skincare and makeup vlogs to her over 8 million followers throughout all her channels.

Other than that, she has also followed many other influencers on TikTok to up her audience reach further.

Rocio Cervantes

Rocio Cervantes is not so different from any other makeup artist, only differing in the 220,000 followers. She is mainly famed for her killer blending skills and the unique makeup techniques she showcases.

Though still upcoming, she is rapidly changing the beauty landscape.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan commands well over 1 billion followers on YouTube and is largely hailed as one of the outstanding beauty influencers.

As of now, she is more of an entrepreneur than a blogger who runs her own company, EM Cosmetics.

In spite of her great business success, she maintains the original feels of her Instagram and YouTube channels in the course of sampling nail products and makeup for her followers.

Christen Dominique

Christen Dominique is a Latina-Guyanese beauty influencer who breathes extremely fresh air in the field of beauty influencing.

She encourages persons from all walks of life to exercise a greater degree of confidence with their chosen styles.

To do this, she launched her own business, Dominique Cosmetics, through which she took the world by the storm.

Wrap Up

Just if you want a huge boost for your brand, it is important to find a great influencer to market it.

These are professionals who are truly passionate about attempting new products and are on the lookout for any opportunity to give out honest opinions to those brands that echo with them.

It is also worth noting that the leading influencers will most likely cut a huge chunk of your investments. Thus, if you are just starting out, you may attempt hundreds of Macro and Micro-influencers who are on standby for you to connect with.

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