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SERP Feature Buying Guide

What is the Buying Guide SERP Feature?

The Buying Guide SERP feature is an organic search result enhancement designed to improve the shopping experience for users by providing detailed information about products. This feature displays as an accordion with various drop-down options, allowing users to learn more about specific product attributes directly from the search results page.

Placement and Status

  • Placement: Organic
  • Status: Active
  • Device: All
  • Ranking URL: Google only

Overview of the Buying Guide SERP Feature

The Buying Guide SERP feature appears in search results when users search for product-related queries. It is structured as an accordion with multiple drop-down categories that provide additional information on various product attributes such as price, brand, and type.

How the Buying Guide SERP Feature Works

When users search for a product, the Buying Guide feature appears as a series of expandable sections. Each section offers detailed information about different aspects of the product. Users can click on these sections to expand them and view more specific information, such as:

  • Price: A range of prices for the product, helping users find options within their budget.
  • Brand: Information about different brands that offer the product.
  • Type: Details about various types or models of the product, assisting users in making an informed decision.

Significance of the Buying Guide SERP Feature

The Buying Guide SERP feature represents Google's efforts to enhance the shopping experience for its users by providing comprehensive and easily accessible product information. This feature helps users make more informed purchasing decisions by presenting critical product details directly within the search results.

How the Buying Guide SERP Feature is Driven

The Buying Guide SERP feature is reportedly driven by Google's Multitask Unified Model (MUM) algorithm. MUM enhances Google's ability to understand and organize complex information, making it possible to present detailed and relevant product information in an intuitive format.


The Buying Guide SERP feature is a valuable tool for users looking to make informed purchasing decisions. By offering detailed product information directly within the search results, Google improves the shopping experience and helps users find the products that best meet their needs. As Google's MUM algorithm continues to evolve, features like the Buying Guide are expected to become even more prevalent and sophisticated.