SEO Glossary / SERP Feature Explore

SERP Feature Explore

What is the Explore SERP Feature?

The Explore SERP feature is a specialized search result that typically appears at the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It showcases a "Discover more places" carousel of related search terms and images, allowing users to further explore topics of interest.

Placement and Status

  • Placement: Organic (typically at the bottom of the SERP)
  • Status: Active
  • Device: All
  • Ranking URL: Google only


  • Content Source: This feature aggregates related search terms and images to help users discover more about their original query.
  • Interactive Carousel: The carousel format displays various related search terms and images that users can scroll through.
  • Filtered Map: Clicking on an entry in the carousel takes the user to a filtered map view for the term, providing a visual and interactive way to explore locations and related content.


  • Enhanced Discovery: The Explore feature encourages users to delve deeper into their interests by presenting related terms and places.
  • User Engagement: By offering additional search terms and visual content, the feature keeps users engaged and increases the likelihood of further exploration.
  • Convenient Navigation: The interactive carousel and map integration provide a seamless and intuitive way for users to find more relevant information.

Examples of Use:

  • Travel Planning: A search for "best restaurants in Paris" might display an Explore carousel with related terms such as "cafes in Paris," "Paris dining experiences," and "food tours in Paris."
  • Local Attractions: Searching for "museums in New York City" could show related terms like "art galleries in NYC," "historical sites in NYC," and "top attractions in NYC."
  • Recreational Activities: A query like "hiking trails near me" might feature an Explore carousel with terms such as "best local parks," "nature reserves nearby," and "camping spots close by."

Additional Notes:

  • Visibility: The Explore feature typically appears at the bottom of the SERP, making it an additional resource for users who have scrolled through the main results.
  • Google Only: The ranking URL for this feature is Google only, meaning the search terms and map links are displayed directly within Google's search interface.

By integrating the Explore SERP feature, Google enhances the search experience by providing users with additional, related search terms and visual content. This feature supports deeper engagement and discovery, helping users find more comprehensive and relevant information connected to their original query. The Explore feature simplifies the process of finding related places and topics, making it a valuable tool for users looking to expand their knowledge and explore new areas of interest.