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SERP Feature Home Services

What is the Home Services SERP Feature?

The Home Services SERP feature displays paid results showcasing local home service providers. These results are designed to connect users with trusted professionals for various home services, such as plumbing, electrical work, cleaning, and more. They appear prominently on the search engine results page (SERP) and are marked with a “Sponsored” indicator.

Placement and Status

  • Placement: Paid
  • Status: Active
  • Device: All
  • Ranking URL: Google only


  • Prominent Placement: These ads are positioned prominently on the SERP, making them highly visible to users searching for home services.
  • Sponsored Indicator: Each listing includes a “Sponsored” label in the top-right corner, clearly indicating that these are paid advertisements.
  • Service Details: Listings typically include the service provider's name, contact information, ratings, reviews, and sometimes pricing details.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Positioned prominently on the SERP, these ads ensure that local service providers are easily found by potential customers.
  • Trust and Credibility: Listings often include ratings and reviews, helping users choose trusted and reliable service providers.
  • Convenient Connection: Users can quickly connect with local service providers, streamlining the process of finding and hiring professionals for home services.

Examples of Use:

  • Home Improvement: A search for “roof repair near me” might display home services ads featuring local roofing contractors with high ratings and verified contact information.
  • Cleaning Services: Searches for services like “house cleaning services” or “maid service” would show trusted cleaning professionals who have paid for prominent ad placement.

Additional Notes:

  • Paid Service: The Home Services feature is a paid service, meaning businesses must pay to be included in these results.
  • Sponsored Label: The presence of the “Sponsored” label helps differentiate these paid ads from organic search results, maintaining transparency for users.

By integrating the Home Services SERP feature, Google aims to enhance the local search experience by providing users with quick access to trusted and vetted local service providers. This feature not only helps users find reliable professionals for their home service needs but also supports businesses in gaining visibility and attracting potential customers.