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10x Content

10x Content: What It Is and Why It Matters

10x content refers to content that is ten times better than the current top-ranking content for a given keyword or topic. Coined by Moz’s Rand Fishkin in 2015 during a “Whiteboard Friday” episode, the concept applies not only to written articles but also to video content and landing page copy.

Fishkin developed this strategy in response to the highly competitive content market. With the internet saturated with good content, ranking requires creating something vastly superior that both Google and users cannot ignore. Google's algorithms and user expectations have evolved significantly, making it essential to focus on quality over mere keyword and backlink inclusion. Achieving a top-ranking position now demands considerable time and effort.

Why is 10x Content Important?

The importance of 10x content lies in its emphasis on quality and user experience over traditional SEO tactics. Google’s algorithms now prioritize the value of a page rather than just its keywords and backlinks. By adopting a 10x content strategy, creators aim to produce content that genuinely surpasses existing offerings, enhancing reader experience and fostering a positive perception of their business.

This approach not only improves search rankings but also encourages readers to return to the site, creating lasting value and engagement.

Best Practices for Creating 10x Content

  1. Make Your Content Appealing

    First impressions are crucial online. A 2015 study by Microsoft found that humans have an attention span of just eight seconds, possibly shorter now. Your webpage must look great and be well-written to capture attention quickly. Analyze competitors and improve your site’s design and functionality. Clean, modern web design appeals to today’s consumers, while outdated designs can make users question the site’s relevance. Ensure your site is visually appealing and user-friendly with short paragraphs, headings, bullet points, and relevant images or graphics.

  2. Provide a Unique Angle

    The internet is saturated with content, making originality essential. Instead of regurgitating existing content, find a unique perspective. For instance, if your company offers IT security services and the top-ranking content on firewalls focuses on on-site installations, you could create content addressing remote work challenges. This approach helps you stand out and meet user search intent.

  3. Demonstrate Authority

    Establishing authority and trust is key. Adding a writer’s bio can help, but including personal experience or expert interviews in your content is even better. If you lack expertise, consider hiring an expert or conducting your own research. Using statistics and research studies also enhances credibility. Tools like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can assist in gathering expert input.

  4. Don’t Stop with “Content”

    While high-quality content is crucial, a robust SEO strategy, including backlinking, is essential for ranking. Use tools like Ranktrackers’ free backlink checker to analyze competitors' backlinks and develop your own strategy. Although 10x content naturally attracts backlinks, proactive link-building is necessary to compete. High-quality content will make it easier to earn backlinks, as other sites are more likely to link to superior content.


Remember, your visitors are real people with their own needs. Providing them with unique value that they can’t find elsewhere is vital. Though creating 10x content demands significant time and effort, the rewards in SEO rankings and reader value are well worth it.